my name is tim

above all else, hold onto hope and love in Jesus

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love in everyday, little ways

I am an employee of this franchise. You may have heard of it– Starbucks?

I am what they call a “barista.”

I make coffee 5-6 days a week, making a little more than minimum wage, and make countless frappachinos for the high school and younger crowd.



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[people are people]

People are people.

Not to be used or abused.

They are more than likely hurting like me. Happy like me. Tired like me. Impatient like me.

much like me.

People are people.

They have hopes and aspirations. 

They have hearts- both whole and in pieces.


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Good Friday

Yesterday we celebrated the death of Jesus Christ, which we have come to label as “Good Friday.”

While I was driving home yesterday after the Good Friday service I had attended, I began to think about why we call this day of death, betrayal, and misery,…

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happy thanksgiving

Tomorrow marks a day that Americans have chosen to celebrate family and thankfulness. It is a wonderful holiday that brings together families from all over. Thanksgiving reminds us of all that we have received. It is a sign of the faithfulness of God in…

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